74% of people are actively searching for a new job

Recently a friend of mine interviewed for a job on the East coast.  She was smart and successful but in the end the company decided that the cost of relocating her from California to the Boston area was too great even though she was willing to negotiate her relocation package.  The hiring manager said “I’m sorry we couldn’t make this work out” but in the end the real losers are going to be the hiring company and their shareholders.   When you find great candidates who are smart and can excel you need to do whatever you have to get them on board and not surrender to a process that limits your companies people resources.

The economy is starting to slowly improve.  Housing sales are climbing and there are reports that consumers are already spending money for the holidays.   I have had some clients ask about candidates for open positions as they begin to hire again.  This, of course, is welcomed news but a recent survey indicated that as many as 70% of employees are unhappy in their current positions.

Everyone, it seems, is basically always looking for a job. And that includes your employees. A recent survey found:

  • 74% of people are either actively searching for a new job or are open to new opportunities.
  • Nearly 35% of people begin preparing for their next job within weeks of starting a new one.
  • 24% say job searching is a regular part of their weekly activities.
  • 69% of workers say searching for new opportunities is part of their “regular routine,” with 24% searching as frequently as once a week.

Employees who are interested in title or compensation are the ones you can afford to let go but the people who are on eMail on weekends and are in early in the morning to make it happen are the ones that you need to hold onto at any cost.  These people are the Linchpins of your business.  They get excited when new ideas are spun and they constantly try and make others around them better by providing them with meaningful and insightful actionable information.

So what happens when you find a great candidate but obstacles stand in your way ?   This is where managers need to step up to the plate and say “the hell with our processes let’s find a way to get this person in house!”.   When you say we’re sorry we couldn’t make it happen you’re on the first step towards mediocrity and your company may not survive this climb.

For people who are searching for work I would recommend that you make a list of your outstanding skills that YOU bring to the table and then pursue a job where those skills are a good match.  Make sure you are passionate about what you want to do and always try and communicate your enthusiasm to your potential employer.

For those of you currently stuck in a cube city where all you do is check off boxes you need to ask yourself if you’re brave enough to make a change.  You need to leave the comfort of a steady paycheck and take a positon that provides you with meaningful work that  you really enjoy.  Life is too short and we spend too much time at work for it to feel like work.


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