A simple management principle

txt_learningBe kind to those you work with especially those who work for you.  Sounds simple doesn’t it , yet too many managers tend to treat people who work for them like they are lucky to even have a job with your organization.   If there is one learning that seems to be reinforced by a lot of research it’s that the better you treat your people the better they treat you.

I know we’re all busy everyday.  There are eMails to get thru, Power Points to be done and meetings to attend.  While all this is going on managers expect us to get projects completed on time and within budget and sometimes they don’t want to hear excuses.  Sure there  are times when the pressure is on and you have to put in a lot of time but you’re managing people not project managers.

I’ve always tried to take an interest in the people I work with as people because I learn from everyone I meet.  Some managers, when you try and get to know them, put up thick brick walls and they won’t allow you to meet with them in a one on one because they use the excuse “I don’t have the time”.  This is a serious mistake just as one manger recently told someone “I haven’t had the time to eat lunch in over 6 months”.  What the hell does that mean and what does it say about her management skills ?


I’m working right now with a group of people who are very talented but what has taken me back is that everyone keeps saying that they want to see me succeed and is there to help me.  That is rare today but so far I love what I see and hear from my boss and coworkers.   It seems that time has become a luxury and that we never have enough time to do what we need to do at work.  A lot of success at work is contingent upon the relationships you have with coworkers but how can you develop a relationship over eMail ?

The truth is you need to meet with people to get to know them and understand how to get the best out of them when working with them.  One on one meetings are best in the cafeteria over a cup of coffee or off campus once in awhile where you can ask “do you like what you’re doing?” and “how can I help you succeed?”

Kindness works in the workplace and it can be rewarding but beware of those who see your acts of kindness as a weakness and try and submarine your efforts.  That happened to me once and the bottom line is the person who did that is still in the same job for over 3 years now and is not going to get promoted anytime soon. What goes around does eventually come around..


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