Don’t be a boss, be a leader

bigstockphoto_the_missing_piece_493271“Lead by example, not by rules, and stop trying to control people…,”  “A boss inspires fear, a leader inspires enthusiasm.”

These aren’t isolated cases. As confirmed by the Kelly Global Workforce Index in September 2012, which studied the Leadership Disconnect in 30 countries, less than 4 out of 10 employees (38%) are satisfied with their current management’s leadership styles. So if you see a decline in your team’s enthusiasm, it may not necessarily be the economy! You may want to check if there’s a disconnect between your leadership style and your team’s expectations.

Sure there are going to be times when you have to put your foot down and act like a boss but a great manager motivates people to become better by raising the bar and and mentoring people to become better at what they do.  There are too many managers who think that they deserve respect because of their titles but that isn’t the case; you earn respect.  You earn it everyday in the actions you take to support your people and department and how you treat your people.

As I learn a new job I am learning from my manager who is teaching me a lot and that alone is worth a lot to me because it broadens my knowledge and makes me a more valuable employee.  The worst thing that can happen is being put into a new job without any training and being expected to perform at a very high level.  It takes a while to learn the dynamics of the people you’re working with and the company culture.  Those that try and steamroll their way to higher output often find that they are sidetracked by people who want to be part of the solution not just task masters.

If you can inspire people to give 110% than you’re doing your job.  Listen, learn and treat employees like people and you’ll do fine.

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