How much did they pay you to give up your dream ?

According to surveys there are a lot of people unhappy with their current jobs.  Seth Godin believes that this in turn has led to people who don’t do what they believe to be right because they live in fear..fear of loosing their jobs.   So the question than becomes “how much money did they pay you to give up  your dream?”

I believe there comes a time when we all have to make a decision on which path to take in our careers.  You can take the easy path with no hills but the view will never change or you could decide to take the path with some steep climbs to enjoy the view once in awhile.  It’s not a easy decision and all too often we choose to listen to our heads instead of our hearts.

We spend a lot of our lives working and unfortunately a lot of people have too many financial obligations on their back to make a choice of which path to take.  To them it’s come to work, get a paycheck, don’t rock the boat and pay the bills using what is left over to have a good meal out once in awhile.   That is not living folks, it’s existing.

Nobody can tell you what or how to choose the path your career will take.  It’s something that can be very personal for each of us but at the same time it also has to be something we love to do because when you love doing it your passion fuels your ability to exceed.

One thing is for certain.  While we all have to make compromises at work sometimes doing so consistently means that your career is becoming a job and with each task you do without asking why or why not you loose a little bit of yourself and become a cog in a huge machine.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions and do what ever you have to do to bring back the fun and passion into your job.  Life is just too damn short to watch the clock and collect a check.

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