I landed my dream job and so can you

After three years as an owner of my own consulting business, and fighting with clients to get paid, I finally landed my dream job doing something I love; analyzing data and writing about the implications.   Over the course of owning my own business I learned what was important to me and it had very little to do with title and everything to do with the organization, my manager and the challenge of going to work everyday.

So some of you might want to know how I landed my dream job?  Well first I maintain three blogs, one on management, one on marketing and one on healthcare marketing, and I am very active in social media sharing my posts within groups on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.   The recruiter who called me actually connected with me first on LinkedIn and from there everything fell into place.

What I first learned was that the person I would be working for was real and honest.  That is very refreshing and as he opened up so did I.  I told him that working for his company would be a great opportunity and communicated my passion for the position with every call because it’s what I wanted.

I can tell you that over the course the last three years I have interviewed with some organizations and people that I did not want to work for at all. To me the most important aspect of any position was the challenge and the ability to have fun using what I have learned over time.  Passion helps too but passion will only get you so far if you don’t have the skills to succeed.

My advice for people out there ?

(1) Make a list of the things that you would love to do and align your search around those items.

(2) Interview the company as hard as they interview you.  Don’t make a mistake of getting a position in an organization that is going to wear you down with meetings and processes that make no sense.

(3) Connect and market yourself.  I don’t mean personal branding, that is mostly BS, what I mean is market what you do really well.  My BLOGS are read by over 200,000 people a month.

(4) Be real.  Don’t say what you think the interviewer want to hear, rather be yourself.

(5) Never ever stop believing in yourself or your abilities and understand that somewhere out there is someone who will recognize your talent.

Finally, never focus on title, compensation or where their office is located.  If those are important to you than it’s going to be harder to find true happiness.  I know compensation is important to pay the bills but I would gladly sacrifice some salary to have a job that I really want to do.

One thought on “I landed my dream job and so can you

  1. Not only is this a great success story, Rich, but it’s also a great checklist of advice for job searchers. Unfortunately, I doubt that most people follow these steps…even AFTER reading them.

    Sacrifice salary, you say?

    Actually, yes! When you do what you love, you’ll do an awesome job, and you’ll be in demand. We all know what happens to people when they’re in demand.

    Great list!

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