10 Things we want to say

10 Things we would like to tell our managers

1.  I need to feel that I am contributing to the organization and not just another cog in the machine – Sure having a good salary is important but unless I can go home feeling like I accomplished something my career is just a job and you’re not getting the best out of me.

2. Don’t sandbag me – I don’t know it all and I am going to make some mistakes along the way but if I can’t count on you to back me up and understand that making mistakes is part of the learning process and means that I am becoming a better employee than you will never earn my trust and thus our relationship will not be 100% productive.   Take me out for a cup of coffee once in awhile and mentor me.

3. 360 degree reviews are a pain in the ass – If you want me to get things done and put our customers first than eventually I am going to have to step on someones toes within the organization.  If you rely on 360 degree feedback for my review that means that I have to spend unproductive time being nice to people who maybe resistant to change and thus have a hidden agenda or don’t care for my approach.   If we want to shake things up and bring about change than we need to sometimes kick some attitudes to the curb.

4. I have vacation time and use it but sometimes I need a mental health day – Remember that project that we had to get done in a week and all the late hours and meetings we had to get them done ?  Well now that it’s over I need some time to decompress.  Tell me to take Friday as a mental health day and don’t charge me vacation time if you believe that I need it.

5. Believe it or not there are some things that I know better than you – I am in the trenches everyday and I see and hear a lot.  Sometimes I know what will work and what won’t work so ask me for my input when you’re trying to implement and develop new programs.

6. My life does not revolve around work – Believe it or not there are some days when personal issues may on my mind and not allow me to focus 100% at the project at hand.

7. When I do great work I want recognition that means something – It could be a simple thank you via an eMail that goes to everyone in the organization or an AMEX gift certificate but don’t take credit for what I did and while you quietly thank me.

8. I want a career path – Where do I go from here ?  How do I get to the next rung on the ladder ?  Help me get there.

9. Working in a cube sucks – They are small, have no privacy and do not allow me to do my best thinking.

10. Loyalty is a two way street – If I am getting a 2-3% raise and bonuses are cancelled this year because of sales why is our CEO getting millions in compensation and how do you think that makes me feel ?  Show me that you care about me an employee not an expendable asset that is to be cut when sales decline.  If you’re not loyal to me I am not going to be loyal to you.

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