The benefits of having Spanish freelancers for your business


Table of Contents1 The advantages of the company for hiring a freelancer2 When and why you should hire freelancers3 Ways to keep freelancers motivated Currently, companies employ a larger number of self-employed professionals when carrying out specific projects or to work regularly in the company, but these types of employees […]

Currently, companies employ a larger number of self-employed professionals when carrying out specific projects or to work regularly in the company, but these types of employees have different conditions than employees.

Many advantages make more and more companies want to have this type of employee in the workforce. More and more people on who have businesses have chosen to hire freelancers. Let’s find out why.

The advantages of the company for hiring a freelancer

At present, the world of work in Spain is somewhat “blocked”; That’s why many people decide to become self-employed or start a company. Each option has its advantages and disadvantages. Payments can be made via PayPal, transferwise, and other platforms. However, you need to be very clear about your rights and obligations.

  • With the economic crisis, many companies began betting on self-employed professionals instead of employees. The main advantage for the company of hiring a self-employed person than an employee is that the cost to the company is lower. If an employee is employed, social security contributions are higher.
  • If the company employs a self-employed person, he is employed with social security contributions and taxes, and their holidays are not remunerated, as is the case when he is employed.
  • The employer has the advantage of not paying leave or maternity leave or any other justification to which he would be entitled if the employee were an employee.
  • Taxes paid by the company to the self-employed represent a deductible expense for the company for independent professional services, ie it allows the company to deduct VAT every quarter.
  • Companies that hire independent professionals have fewer administrative connections. Self-employed workers have to do their bills and carry out their management, compared to salaried workers, where the company has to deal with their registration with social insurance and pay contributions.

In most companies, if an employee works more hours than set out in his contract, he is entitled to free time, but if he is independent, the company does not have to grant them.

When and why you should hire freelancers

Sometimes, too much work is not a constant, but just an exception, depending on certain projects or the time of year. Therefore, hiring a person in the team would take too long, the training would not save the workload on time, and after that, the team would be left with an employee with whom he would not know how to load him with appropriate tasks and motivate him.

Therefore, working with freelancers is ideal for the holidays, for special or annual projects, and some of these situations can even be communicated in advance to employees.

Self-employed young people who learn useful skills and abilities for companies, such as the above, design, programming, or translation are highly sought after. They can supplement and come in a complementary way to the work of the team, such as a translator used by the whole team, or a graphic designer assigned to certain members who sometimes need these executions.

Ways to keep freelancers motivated

The needs of freelancers are more independent and autonomous from the needs of an ordinary employee, as I wrote here. For the diversity of projects and clients to be maintained, the most important things that freelancers take into account are:

  • Transparency in communication with the client – this is clear, fast, without hindrances and delays;
  • The briefs are clear and the expectations set;
  • Invoices are paid on time, based on a legal contract;

Freelancers receive a reasonable amount of time before projects follow and know, estimated, what is the workload on which both parties are based.

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