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Table of Contents1 Movies2 Foams3 Suppositories4 What are the rewards of employing spermicides?5 Does spermicide guard against STIs?6 Are there any facet outcomes? We contain items we consider are useful for our viewers. If you obtain by way of inbound links on this webpage, we might get paid a tiny […]

We contain items we consider are useful for our viewers. If you obtain by way of inbound links on this webpage, we might get paid a tiny commission. Here’s our procedure.

Spermicide is a chemical that destroys sperm and lowers the prospect of being pregnant. It is a contraceptive material that a human being can insert inside their vagina. There are different spermicide choices, which includes creams, gels, and movies. Folks can use them by itself or in combination with other barrier birth command methods, these kinds of as condoms.

This posting explores what spermicide is in a lot more depth, the distinct kinds a person can use, and the providers that inventory them. It also explores some routinely questioned concerns and choice products.

Spermicide is a sort of barrier contraception that helps prevent sperm from reaching an egg. Most spermicides incorporate the chemical nonoxynol-9, which damages sperm. Usually, an unique inserts spermicide in their vagina, where it types a barrier that slows and kills sperm, avoiding it from entering the uterus. It is available without a prescription and will come in various sorts, this sort of as lotions, foams, gels, films, and suppositories.

Evidence indicates that when individuals use it on your own, spermicides are amongst the minimum successful sorts of birth management. Thus, quite a few authorities propose using other sorts of barrier techniques, these kinds of as condoms or diaphragms, in addition to spermicides. For example, when men and women use them collectively appropriately, the being pregnant fee for spermicide and condoms is considerably less than 1%.

In addition, it is recommended that men and women use spermicides and condoms alongside one another, as spermicides alone do not offer any protection in opposition to sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

Spermicide will come in distinctive sorts and traits. Some involve the underneath.

Please be aware that the writer of this post has not experimented with these goods. All info offered is purely exploration-centered.


A spermicidal film, or vaginal contraceptive movie (VCF), is made up of a thin sheet of movie that an unique folds in quarters and in 50 percent once more in advance of inserting into the vagina. It acts as a barrier that absorbs vaginal secretions, and as a final result, it melts into a thick gel. People today must insert the film at minimum 15 minutes prior to engaging in sexual intercourse.

Some destinations that stock spermicidal movies include CVS.

This VCF expenses $16.99, and persons can include up to six packages to their get. The pharmacy suggests folks ensure their arms are dry right before inserting the film and use only 1 piece ahead of each and every act of intercourse.

In accordance to the CVS Pharmacy web page, individuals ought to see a health-related experienced if they knowledge discomfort or burning in their genital space.

The web-site accepts payments with the help of Flexible Cost savings Accounts (FSAs) and Wellbeing Discounts Accounts (HSAs).


Contraceptive foams come in aerosol cans and an applicator. People need to have to shake the can initially then fill the applicator with the spermicide. They then insert it into the vagina and push the plunger to launch the foam. Foams are straight away energetic, and people should insert them a lot less than 1 hour prior to sexual intercourse.

Walmart stocks a vaginal contraceptive foam that contains 13 purposes. It weighs .16 lb and will come with the adhering to proportions:

  • length: 1.5 inches (in)
  • width: 2.25 in
  • height: 5.5 in

Walmart also accepts both equally HSA and FSA payments.


These are sound kinds of concentrated spermicide that melt into a foam right after insertion inside of the vagina. Individuals really should use a new insert every single time they interact in sexual intercourse. These who use spermicidal suppositories ought to wait around 10–15 minutes just before having sexual intercourse to allow for the product to melt.

On line providers that offer vaginal suppositories and tablets for contraception use include Instacart.

Instacart stocks Encare’s vaginal contraceptive inserts. The deal arrives with 12 separately wrapped inserts. In accordance to the label, the inserts do not result in any hormonal facet effects. Instacart also has a smartphone app that is readily available for Apple and Android devices.

Before employing a spermicide, it is recommended for people to examine the expiry date and carefully read any guidelines relating to how to use it, when to use it, and how long it is successful. Generally, folks need to try to insert spermicide into the vagina, shut to the cervix, around 10–15 minutes ahead of sexual intercourse.

The insertion approach might range a bit with diverse varieties of spermicide, but they normally come with an applicator, so persons can lie down, squat, or set 1 foot on a chair and insert it. Most spermicides are only successful for 1 hour after insertion. A person ought to also reinsert spermicide for every single act of penetrative intercourse.

It is also sensible that people today use spermicide jointly with an additional barrier variety of start manage, this kind of as a condom.

Some routinely requested queries about spermicide could consist of the down below.

What are the rewards of employing spermicides?

Some added benefits of spermicides include the underneath.

  • hormone-totally free
  • no medical doctor visits essential
  • lubrication can boost sexual enjoyment
  • reversible strategy, as persons can prevent using it if they want to get pregnant
  • harmless for people today who are breastfeeding

Most spermicides are also cheaper than other start handle procedures and are obtainable in many merchants.

Does spermicide guard against STIs?

Spermicides do not offer you defense against STIs. With this in thoughts, it is recommended to use spermicide collectively with condoms, as this can cut down the transmission possibility of STIs and also cut down the chance of pregnancy.

Are there any facet outcomes?

Spermicides containing nonoxynol-9 can irritate the genital area if a human being utilizes it numerous occasions a working day on sensitive pores and skin. In some situations, this injury to the genital place could increase the likelihood of contracting an STI. If discomfort happens, take into consideration switching manufacturers or discuss with a physician to go over other birth regulate approaches.

Other reversible products and solutions that a human being can use to lessen the likelihood of pregnancy contain:

  • Levonorgestrel intrauterine unit (IUD): This is a T-formed machine that a health practitioner spots inside the uterus, where by it releases the hormone levonorgestrel every single day to reduce being pregnant. Evidence indicates that less than 1 in 100 folks turn into pregnant with an IUD in spot. Individuals can clear away it soon after 3–12 decades.
  • Implant: A slender rod that a professional medical skilled can insert beneath the skin of the person’s upper arm. It releases progestin, allowing for the cervical mucus to thicken, avoiding the egg from leaving the ovary. The Facilities for Illness Management and Avoidance (CDC) condition that fewer than 1 out 100 people today become expecting in the course of the initial year of employing the implant.
  • Combined oral contraceptives: These are out there with a prescription and contain estrogen and progestin. Health professionals might suggest that folks just take a single tablet at the exact time every working day.

Spermicide is a reversible variety of beginning management that can reduced the likelihood of pregnancy. It is a chemical that inactivates sperm, protecting against it from achieving an egg. These are accessible in foam, suppository, and movie goods.

On the other hand, spermicide is not the most successful form of contraception and does not provide safety from STIs. Hence, lots of industry experts recommend employing spermicide in mix with other delivery manage solutions, these types of as condoms.

You should note: Medical Information Currently does not suggest warranty of exercise for a particular reason or endorse any of these purposes. No one at MNT has evaluated these apps for health-related accuracy. The Food items and Drug Administration (Fda) has not accredited them until or else indicated.

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