Tower will be sky-significant — and shining — by the Fourth of July


Ardell, I would explain this as more of an ear raise than a confront elevate. The subject of many a “Greetings from Rochester” postcard, that h2o tower appears to be fantastic from the ground, but like a lot of of us, the nearer you get, the more its age is uncovered. It is been about 15 to 20 several years since the tower’s past touchup, states Mat Miller, who oversees the do the job for Olmsted County.

“Mom Nature has been pretty harsh to it,” he reported. “It really is degraded the paint really poor.”

So, the tower is remaining sandblasted clean up, repainted and restored to seem brand-new. The work’ll be carried out by July 1 — just all-around the time corn in the fields is supposed to be standing knee-large. The bill will be about $400,000 — that’ll get you a several dozen ears at a roadside stand.

A several other points to know: Although the properly residence is also currently being restored, the county capped the properly, and for now, at minimum, the tower will stand vacant. That explained, the interior workings evidently have been up to date not extremely long in the past and charge in leading form, Miller claimed. Maybe it’ll be a performing drinking water tower yet again just one working day.

Does standing empty mean much less put on-and-tear on the tower’s basis and other areas? It can not hurt, and it probably makes no distinction in how nicely the tower would stand up to a intense wind. The tower is 80 decades old this year, so its metallic has proved its mettle as a result of many storms.

There are no strategies to relocate the tower, and as for the floor all over it, its eventual use is however getting decided.

Last but not least, do I dare wade into the name debate? You may typically hear it referred to as the “corn cob water tower,” a phrase I scarcely dare typing for the scorn storm it is certain to elevate in my inbox from all of the qualified grammarians who study me. I have not warmed to “ear of corn,” both. I saw a pleasant solution on KROC’s site the other day: the “corn on the cob tower.” That way, you can begin to slip up, catch oneself midway and even now finish the sentence proper.

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